An extended edit version of this “Mutant Disco” classic from French actress/musician Caroline Loeb. If you are ever perusing the record/cd/tape bins, be sure to grab any Mutant Disco comp that you get your eyes on – a not quite ever officially established genre, Mutant Disco was coined by ZE Recordings by one of their early comps.

Expect me to post more of this stuff. It makes my booty bounce.

– Chase

London’s Richard Fearless is back with his collective Death In Vegas. Mostly known for their albums in the early 00′s with Iggy Pop, Nicole Kiprus from Detroit’s ADULT & a sync deal on Lost In Translation. He also has done production from the Mancunian band Oasis. I one time ended up at his studio in London wasted & he threw me out… :O  Looking forward to the remixes.  

– Simon